The Lore of Protogenoi

Our interactive Lore has been delicately curated with master storytellers and top creative directors to create what we can only describe as a mind-blowing and tantalizingly rich story. Our story will unfold through our interactive Lore and puzzle-based marketing campaign, which we call “The Turing Test”.
The aim of our Turing Test is unlike the conventional and favored humanoid test. Instead of trying to discover who is humanoid and who is machine, we aim to uncover who is Primordial. We aim to find those Primordials that have been living among us for all of eternity, to raise them in their own eternal glory and help them find their forever self.
Once we embark upon the Turing test there shall be no turning back. Your fate will be determined as friend or foe, Primordial or humanoid. You will be asked to solve a series of serendipitous challenges for the mind, the body, and the soul.
Do you think you have what it takes to pass “The Turing Test”?