Meet The Team

The founders of Primordials: Alex, Han and Nomz have been friends for many years. Alex and Han met at university where they competed together in rowing at international level. They have worked together in the past on a variety of successful ventures both in and out of Web3.
Over a year ago, Alex and Han met Nomz and there was an instant connection. Together, they've been involved with many projects as developers, marketers, advisors and holders but always felt the space was lacking something.
The NFT ecosystem is incredibly supportive and exciting on the inside, but it can be intimidating from the outside. It is a microcosm of the world, with it's own language, celebrities and rules.
Primordials was formed out of a desire to open up the world of NFTs and cryptocurrencies to everyone. Alex, Han and Nomz have gathered a team that will make that happen; and as the ecosystem grows, Primordials will grow with it into the blue chip project it is destined to be.