Additional Utility for Holders

With the highest quality PFP art Solana has ever seen, Primordials is set to rise to the top and cement its position as THE blue chip project. It’s all part of the plan.
There are a variety of reasons people buy NFTs, including but not limited to: incredible art, a fantastic community, inspiring founders, and actionable utility. Compared to stocks and shares, there is an aggrandized level of emotionality when investing in an NFT. However, holders aren’t just “donating” their mint money so they can have a pretty PFP. They want a return on their investment.
The best NFTs have a rising floor price, provide value back to the holder (in regular investing terms, this is a dividend) and offer some type of utility to their holders. Whilst there is no set formula for achieving this, Primordials are positioned for the best chance of success.
Primordials have recognized the importance of attention acquisition and, as such, everything we offer generates attention and keeps the eyes of the ecosystem on us.